Obi & Obi Accessories

Obi are the traditional decorative belts worn with a traditional kimono. There are many different obi styles (click here to learn more about Japanese obi- each designed for a certain level of formality or occasion.  These days, obi are also unique and elegant decor pieces for the home or office.

We also carry obijime (the finishing cord) and obiage (the scarf-like accessory), but we do not sell the other formal kimono-dressing (kitsuke) components. 

Remember, when you buy anything from Kyoto Kimono, you also gain access to Nancy, the owner and lifelong student of all things kimono. She has a deep passion and more than 25 years' experience selling kimono - and is still eager-as-ever to share that with her customers. So if you have any questions or want to learn more about the history and significance of your purchase, Nancy is more than happy to 'talk kimono' with you.