Haori Fund Raiser Program

Our Haori Fund Raiser Program offers Japanese cultural groups a fun and easy way to support their organization, in addition to increasing awareness in their community about this artistic aspect of Japanese culture.

Haori (kimono jackets) are versatile, easily worn by Western women, and offer a touch of Japanese style to any wardrobe. Here are some examples: 

The program, in short, is a "no risk" consignment structure for these popular Japanese jackets. The organization appoints a coordinator to work with us and we provide general kimono and sales training to volunteers, as well as marketing and administrative help if needed.

A Haori Fund Raiser can be added to an existing program (annual meeting, festival booth, etc.) or can be a stand-alone special event. Other Kyoto Kimono items (such as pendants, scarves, Kimono Gems Fabric Packets) could also be added to the program upon request.

Here are some comments from previous groups we have worked with:
"...In the end (we) made over $1,000. Really happy about that! You have been wonderful to work with and made the process so easy. Your prompt response to any and all questions was so helpful. There was no risk up front to us as you paid the postage to send them to us and we only paid for that we sold...In the end we had a lot of happy customers with a special one of a kind jackets that they will enjoy wearing or giving as a gift."

"...Thank you so much for your support and your smooth facilitating of this exciting fundraiser for our chapter. I think it was well-received and a definite departure from what we have done in the past. Plus, everyone had fun and enjoyed the beautiful jackets and scarves, too!"

Please email or call Nancy to discuss the options.