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"Pink and White" Vintage Obijime

"Pink and White" Vintage Obijime

Two Colors

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  • Sourced from Japan
Obijime can be worn traditionally or as a contemporary fashion accessory.

This obijime is a traditional style - a simple flat weave where the pink alternates with white along the length and both colors appear in the tassels.

Obijime are the finishing touch to the traditional obi sash, tied on top of the obi with a decorative knot at the front. The obijime color and design should complement the ensemble rather than match the color. See the video below for examples of how to tie the obijime with an obi.

Other contemporary uses of the obijime are as a cord belt with jeans or dress or modified into fashion accessories such as hair bands, purse straps, lanyards, glasses holders, jewelry, and more! See the video below on wearing an obijime as a casual belt, necklace, or bracelet.
Length: 55"
Made In (Estimated): 1990s
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Woven, Braided
Colors: Pink, White
Motifs: Braid, Ombre


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