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"Kai Awase" Vintage Girl's Kimono

"Kai Awase" Vintage Girl's Kimono

So Feminine

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This listing is for a vintage silk kimono made for a teenage girl. While it may seem long enough for an adult, note that the width and his/waist are more narrow than an adult's kimono of similar length would be.

This lively kimono is sure to garner curiosity and compliments.  The pattern includes cranes and a colorful palette of summer tones. But the featured element is a series of hexagon-shapes boxes decorated with auspicious motifs in bright colors.  Those boxes are the type that hold the shells of kai awase, a game won by matching the two decorated sides of the same shell.

Long sleeves and a lightening pattern in the silk jacquard suggest this was made for a special young woman for a special event.

Created with the yuzen technique and embellished with gold leaf around the element edges. See videos below to learn more.

Vintage Japanese kimono like this make eye-catching displays - so we do offer 60" hanging rods in several finishes that you could add from the tab below.

If you plan to wear this kimono in a non-traditional way, we also offer simple cotton sashes as an option when ordering. Need a more formal obi?  Check out our Obi for Sale page!

Length: 59"
Width: 49"
Body/Hips: 39"
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Yuzen, Embroidery
Colors: White, Red, Orange, Turquoise, Black
Motifs: Floral, Cranes, Kai Awase


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