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"Red with Crane" Vintage Underkimono

"Red with Crane" Vintage Underkimono

Shibori Shippo

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This listing is for a vintage Japanese underkimono. 

This is an underkimono - called a juban - and is meant to be worn beneath a kimono, sort of like a slip. Juban make great robes or casual tunic layers because they tend to be shorter than regular kimono and more easily belted.

The color is auspicious vermillion (a "Japanese Red" with an orange cast), with a fan and floral jacquard pattern in the weave.  Stenciled on top is a series of large cranes, created with splattered gold paint. 

There is a thin - 2" - tuck sewn at the waist; this is how kimono were "hemmed".  The tuck can be released easily if more length is desired.

Another unusual aspect of this juban is the repair done on each of the sleeves.  It seems that solid color red silk - matching the lining silk - has replaced the original jacquard silk at the top of each sleeve,  The repair was done with delicate stitches on both sleeves, creating a symmetry that makes it seem that the repairs are a feature of the design. The color match is so close that the repair isn't obvious from a distance.  On the back side of the right sleeve repair is a small hole - see last photo.

We do offer hanging rods for displaying kimono - add one from the tab below if desired. If you'd like to wear this kimono with a traditional obi, browse our Obi For Sale page; or for a more casual look, add a Simple Sash at check out. 

Length: 47"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 44"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Very Good Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Dyed, Stencil
Colors: Red, Gold
Motifs: Floral, Cranes


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