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"Pheasant Pair" Vintage Japanese Kakeshita

"Pheasant Pair" Vintage Japanese Kakeshita

Rainbow Delight

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This listing is for a vintage Japanese wedding kimono (kakeshita - a kimono layer under the uchikake). Kakeshita are belted with a formal obi and worn underneath an uchikake wedding kimono, but they are no less sophisticated and elegant. Kakashita are typically lighter weight, with a lighter padding at the hem, a yuzen-dyed rather than woven fabric, and patterning that may have a "blank" area at the waist where the obi would be tied.

This kakeshita is as colorful as it gets!  The rich vermillion (Japanese red) background is eye-catching enough, but add in the bright colors of the florals and the bird feathers, and it's a rainbow delight.

One larger pheasant is featured at the front hem panel - the other rests on the left shoulder - displaying this kimono from the back would show both of them. The imagery was created with the yuzen technique - a stencil and brush dye method commonly used for formal kimono. See video below for how yuzen is done.

Gold couching outlines the head crests and tail feathers. Note the double lining (white layer on top of the red), which adds to the elegance of the kimono.

If you plan to hang this kimono, we do offer wooden display rods in four colors - see tab at right. If you plan to wear this kimono and need a traditional obi, browse our Fukuro Obi for Sale page.

See video below on Japanese embroidery and how wedding kimono are worn or displayed.

Length: 70"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 44"
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Yuzen, Couching
Colors: Red, Rainbow
Motifs: Floral, Birds


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