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"Ningyo Dolls" Vintage Girl's Kimono

"Ningyo Dolls" Vintage Girl's Kimono

Boro Patches

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a vintage silk kimono made for a young girl.

The design features sets of ningyo figures - imperial dolls that were popular in the Edo and Meiji Periods. The roly-poly figures are playing instruments, singing and dancing in front of large yellow or blue folding fan shapes. The silk was printed and the colors are still bright.

Lined in silk that has been patched in three places, adding a touch of "boro" (antique patchwork) and suggesting that this piece was valued and well-cared-for by its original owner.

Vintage Japanese children's kimono make eye-catching displays in spaces too small to accomodate a full sized kimono or haori.
Length: 33"
Width: 33"
Body/Hips: 30"
Condition: Very Good
Material: Silk


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