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"Padded Robe" Vintage Boy's Kimono

"Padded Robe" Vintage Boy's Kimono

Toddler Robe

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This is a vintage Japanese kimono for a toddler - likely a robe worn at home or out visiting. Though it is wearable, it's quite small so might not stand up to the play life of an active child!

The silk is colorful - large blue blocks alternating with a cream color - with large figures floating all about. The images are of several different ningyo - imperial court dolls that resemble plump little children. Each doll is outfitted differently and with a variety of toys in hand.

The kimono is thickly padded - nice and warm for the wearer - and there is a 2" tuck at each shoulder - so the kimono would fit a toddler now and the tucks would be removed as the child grows.

Material: Silk
Length: 28"
Width: 24" Wrist to Wrist
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Length: 28"
Width: 24"
Made In (Estimated): 1940s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Stencil
Colors: Blue, Cream
Motifs: Ningyo, Dolls, Toys


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