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"Lightening Strike" XL Neneko Jacket

"Lightening Strike" XL Neneko Jacket

Ikat Weave

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This listing is for a neneko-style vintage kimono jacket. Neneko are long (to the knee), cross-over jackets with a black satin collar, and they are very large, even by Western measurements.  The origin of the neneko is as a blanket:  nene refers to nemu, the Japanese word for sleep, and neneko were worn by mothers who carried their babies on their backs when they needed to go out until about the 1950s. They are relatively rare to find these days.

Neneko cross over in the kimono style (unlike the haori style which hangs open in the front), but instead of needing an obi, it closes with inner and outer ties, which can be tied loosely to allow for a more generous fit. Where haori are best for up to a size 12, neneko can fit up to a size 16+.

A rich royal purple and a silvery gray were woven with the ikat technique to create large "lightening" motif covering the entire garment. The silk is similar to the meisen style of silk used in the 1920s but we can't be sure of the age. 

This neneko does have the traditional black satin collar. It would make a great lounging robe!

Please note that the measurement given for the waist/hips is the full, end-to-end measurement around the middle. The ties can usually add 3-4 more inches of coverage depending on how tightly or loosely they are tied.

Length: 36"
Width: 51"
Body/Hips: 54"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Ikat
Colors: Purple, Gray
Motifs: Geometric


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