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"Indigo Sakiori" Vintage Han Obi

"Indigo Sakiori" Vintage Han Obi

Rag Weave

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This listing is for a hanhaba obi (aka "han obi"), which means "half obi" because it is half the width of a formal obi - ranging 5-6 inches. Han obi are easy to tie and are worn with casual kimono for men or women, or summer cotton yukata.

This han obi was woven with salvaged silk and cotton from old kimono - it's a "rag weaving" that was popular (and necessary) during the war years and in post-war Japan. Thin strips of silk or coton were rolled into "yarn" and then woven into these sturdy, durable belts (as well as vests and jackets).

See below for videos on wearing this style of obi and the difference between han obi and other styles. These obi also make easy table runners or accent pieces draped over a mantle or bookshelf.

Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Cotton
Technique: Woven, Dyed
Colors: Blue
Motifs: Bands, Stripes


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