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"Golden Cranes" Vintage Girl's Kimono

"Golden Cranes" Vintage Girl's Kimono


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  • Sourced from Japan

This listing is for a vintage underkimono made for a young girl. While it may seem long enough for an adult, note that the width and his/waist are more narrow than an adult's kimono of similar length would be.

This is actually an underkimono, meant to be worn beneath a kimono such that only a few inches of the collar would show to the public.  In this case, the collar has been embroidered with a youthful floral pattern.

The red silk of the kimono features a cloud and paper peony pattern that catches the light.  On top of the jacquard, a pattern of cranes in flight was applied by a spattering of gold leaf. More gold flecks appear elsewhere, as accents to the cloud pattern underneath.

In the background is a silk jacquard with a floral motif that catches the light.

Vintage Japanese children's kimono like this make eye-catching displays - so we do offer 60" hanging rods in several finishes that you could add from the tab below.

If you plan to wear this kimono in a non-traditional way, we also offer simple cotton sashes as an option when ordering. Need a more formal obi?  Check out our Obi for Sale page!

Length: 41"
Width: 42"
Body/Hips: 32"
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Stenciled
Colors: Red, Gold
Motifs: Floral, Clouds, Cranes


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