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"Incense Kanji" Vintage Haori

"Incense Kanji" Vintage Haori

Faux Shibori

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This listing is for a vintage Japanese haori jacket that would have been worn on top of a vintage kimono on a chilly day. The retro feel of the patterning suggests it might be from the 1940s or 1950s.

The patterning of this haori relates to the kodo - the study of scent as expressed with incense. The large angled character comes from a game called genji-ko in which the players try to identify the symbols and scents.

The silk has a soft cotton feel and the colors includes shades of yellow and golden brown.The characters are made with white shibori-like dots but were likely done with a stencil. Makes a great display!

There is a tear in the lining - see last photo - that we can make a simple repair if the buyer requests it, but it may be better left as-is if the piece is for a collection or display.

Haori do not cross over or tie with a sash, like a kimono does - they are meant to be worn open to reveal a bit of what is worn beneath. An optional accessory is the haori himo - the little woven ties that are hooked to the little fabric loops that you'll find on at the mid-front of the haori - but they are sold separately. We'll select one that goes with this haori if you pick the Add A Himo Pair ($5) option above. To choose a pair of our fancier himo, CLICK HERE.

Going to display this haori? We offer wooden display rods in four colors to choose from. To see the options, CLICK HERE.
Length: 35"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 41"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Printed, Faux Shibori
Colors: Gold, Cream, Tan
Motifs: Auspicious Symbols, Kanji


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