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"Dorozome" Vintage Japanese Haori

"Dorozome" Vintage Japanese Haori

Printed Ikat

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  • Sourced from Japan
This vintage Japanese haori jacket would have been worn on top of a vintage kimono on a chilly day.

We think that the silk of this haori was produced using a traditional dye and ikat weave technique called dorozome or oshima. See the video below on how this fabric is made - and be prepared to be amazed.

At first we thought the pattern might have been printed on since the elements are larger and more elaborate than we usually see. But upon close inspection with a loupe, we confirmed that the threads were dyed before weaving to create the pattern.

The shade of brown is lighter than usual and the background is actually a light brown and black blend.

The lining is also exquisite - a delicate bamboo pattern in pink, gray and white - also done with the ikat technique. With all of the craftsmanship that went into this jacket, it's a steal.

All of the stitching is hidden (since it was hand-sewn) so technically these haori jackets are reversible. Sometimes the lining is as pretty as the outer jacket!

We do offer haori himo - the little woven ties that are hooked to the little fabric loops that you'll find on at the mid-front of the haori - but they are sold separately. We'll select one that goes with this haori if you pick the "Add A Himo Pair ($5)" option above.

Going to display this haori? Add one of our display rods (see color options above).
Length: 37"
Width: 48"
Body/Hips: 42"
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Woven, Ikat, Kasuri, Meisen
Colors: Brown, Cream
Motifs: Geometric, Grid


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