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"Two Carts" Vintage Tomesode

"Two Carts" Vintage Tomesode

Bright Floral

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This listing is for a vintage, formal, Japanese kimono called a tomesode (sometimes called kurosode or "Mother of the Bride" kimono), which are typically reserved for very formal occasions, such as weddings or performances. There are always at least three - but usually five - family crests on the upper section (one at the neck, one on the back of each sleeve, and one on each side of the collar) and an elegant design that stretches across the entire hemline, with more of the image in the front, where it would be seen best.

This tomesode features two elaborately decorated imperial carts - one on each side of the "mirrored" front panels. This style of design was popular in the early 20th Century, with the hemline design extending just a little bit into the back panels of the kimono, to draw the eye around to the front.

Such an elaborately designed and dyed work of wearable art - no wonder if was signed by the artist. The stamp appears on the inner right side panel and is the kanji for "tree" or "wood". Sorry, we cannot identify the artist from the signature.

The process used to design and dye this kimono is called yuzen - learn more about it with the video below.

The family crest is wood sorrel (katabami).
Length: 60"
Width: 49"
Body/Hips: 46"
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Yuzen, Stencil, Katagami, Katazome, Brush Painted
Colors: Black, Multi
Motifs: Carts, Imperial Cart, Guruma, Auspicious Elements


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