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"Surprise Me" - Vintage Heko Obi

"Surprise Me" - Vintage Heko Obi

Casual Obi

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This listing is for a single heko obi that we will choose for you from the ones we have in stock. Sorry, no individual photos are available in keeping with this low price.

Heko obi are an informal version often worn with a casual kimono. It's a very popular style for men but can also be worn by women - either with a kimono or as a scarf or shawl over the shoulders on a cool evening.

A heko obi is a wide, very long, single layer of fabric that is solid color for most of the length with shibori patterning on each end. Patterning is typically geometric but some florals might be possible. They are typically just wound around the waist a few times and tied in a simple bow in the back (see photo examples).

Heko obi are usually dark colors - black, gray, or dark blue - and our inventory changes often. The current colors available are listed in the options section above.

Material: Silk, synthetic or rayon


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