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"Little Fishies" Vintage Girl's Yukata

"Little Fishies" Vintage Girl's Yukata

Fun Robe

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This listing is for a vintage cotton kimono - called a yukata - made for a young girl. This style is traditionally worn to summer festivals and can still be seen on the streets in Kyoto these days,

This yukata features a very cute pattern of goldfish with big, round bodies and long, arching tails. We believe the pattern was created with a series of katagami stencils and shaded by hand - note the color variation within the same litle fish.

Note the little ties attached to the front - the one of the right threads through the underarm opening on the left and around the back to tie with the tie from the left side. These would be tied in the back or front but then hidden underneath a colorful obi.

Vintage Japanese children's kimono make eye-catching displays in spaces too small to accomodate a full sized kimono or haori. We offer display rods (below) if you're going to display this kimono or simple cotton sashes (see option above) if this is to be worn more casually than with a traditional obi.

Length: 29"
Width: 33"
Body/Hips: 31"
Made In (Estimated): 1980s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Cotton
Technique: Stencil
Colors: White, Purple, Green, Red, Turquoise
Motifs: Fish


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