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"Indigo Breeze" Man's Summer Kimono

"Indigo Breeze" Man's Summer Kimono

Nice Weave

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This is a vintage Japanese summer kimono for a man - light and unlined to handle the hot and humid Japanese summers!  Men's kimono tend to be very understated in pattern and darker colors (even for summer), so expect blues and browns with very smalll woven designs or no pattern at all. These make great robes for leisurewear at home but can also make a statement if worn out to a party or special event.

The fabric is a lightweight woven fabric that could be a silk-linen or linen-cotton blend.  The weave is slightly textured and feels like a breeze might find its way through the fabric. Tiny blue and darker blue geometric pattern - we can't say for sure it was dyed with natural indigo but it's likely.

We don't typically include a sash with kimono but in this case we've added a thin sash normally used to  tie an underkimono, but the striped patterns goes well with this kimono.  We rarely get men's obi except for our Surprise Me Heko Obi (in black or blue) which would work with this kimono if you wanted something more traditional. 

Sizing for men's vintage kimono is very limited since they were originally made for Japanese men, who typically had slender builds and an average height of 5'8". Taller, slender-to-medium build men will be able to wear these kimono but will find the sleeves ending between elbow and wrist and the hem ending somewhere on the shin.

See the videos below for how to put on a man's casual kimono.

Length: 49"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 41"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Fiber: Blend
Technique: Woven
Colors: Blue
Motifs: Geometric


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