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"Falling Fans" Man's Juban Underkimono

"Falling Fans" Man's Juban Underkimono


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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for an underkimono - called a "juban" in Japanese - which would be worn under a man's kimono. Remember, layering is quite important in kimono-wearing. Juban often feature designs that reflect the interests of their owner, but they are rarely seen in public since they are layered underneath a kimono. Just in inch or two of the over-collar is visible, though you may catch a glimpse of the sleeve edge at the wrist. Juban make great casual robes.

This juban features a blue grid band alternating with a cloudy mottled band of browns behind a pattern of folding fans. Each fan is patterned with a splash of color. The fabric is a lightweight wool blend - not scratchy.

The over-collar is blue, and the juban is unlined except for a short lining at the shoulders. A sash is not included but can be added as an option when ordering.

Juban make great robes and cover ups, but watch the video below to see how to layer the juban with a kimono.
Length: 53"
Width: 52" Wrist to Wrist
Body/Hips: 51" Waist/Hips
Condition: Very Good Vintage
Material: Soft Summer Wool Blend


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