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"Butterfly Bows" Vintage Woman's Yukata

"Butterfly Bows" Vintage Woman's Yukata


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  • Sourced from Japan
A yukata is a summer kimono, made in cotton and easy to care for - just pop it in the washer (gentle cycle). Japanese women wear them to summer festivals and close them using a colorful contrasting colored obi.

See video slide show below for images of how yukata are worn in Japan, even today!

We don't get green yukata very often - and this one is fun. Stenciled butterflies in red, white, black and purple fly along looking like ribbons tied into bows. Really cute.

If you'd like to shorten this yukata to a standard robe length, just machine-stitch a fold on the inside of the kimono at the waist to shorten the length. The fold flap is on the inside of the kimono, and the stitching from the sewn fold would be hidden under a belt when the kimono is worn. This is the traditional way of shortening a kimono, rather than hemming it at the bottom. Since you don't cut the fabric, it can be returned to its original length in the future.

These also make great robes, and can be worn with one of our simple sashes. We also sell Japanique Robes - vintage kimono with a shortened length and matching belt - great for lounging!
Length: 58"
Width: 49" Wrist to Wrist
Body/Hips: 45"
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Material: Cotton


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