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"Semi-Sheer" Man's Summer Haori

"Semi-Sheer" Man's Summer Haori

Light and Airy

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  • Sourced from Japan

A vintage man's kimono jacket (called a haori). We have several of these available, each with a different crest - sometimes embroidered, sometimes white.

There will be at least one crest at the center back, which is the lowest level of formality (casual kimono have no crests at all.) Some may be semi-formal, with three crests (two added to the back of each sleeve), or even formal, with five crests (two more added to each side of the front collar). The photos below are examples only - your haori will likely have a different crest from the examples shown and may have only one or three crests.

This is a summer haori jacket, a light and airy, semi-sheer black silk with one, three or five family crests. Again, we get many of these and our inventory of them changes often. Please feel free to send us a note if you have a preference to guide us in choosing one for you but know that we cannot guarantee the number of crests or any particular crest.

See the video below on how men wear traditional Japanese garments.

Length: 39"
Width: 50" Wrist to Wrist
Body/Hips: 47" Chest, 44" Waist, 48" Hips
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Woven
Colors: Black
Motifs: Plain


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