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"Ryuma and Dragon" Vintage Man's Underkimono

"Ryuma and Dragon" Vintage Man's Underkimono

Wisdom in Old Age

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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan
This is a vintage Japanese underkimono - called a juban - that would be worn beneath a kimono, where only a few centimeters of the collar would be seen in public.These days, our buyers use these as casual robes as-is if you don't have a kimono to wear with it.

This juban features a creature from Chinese mythology that we hadn't seen before. Along with a dragon in the clouds (which we see often), there is a dragon-headed horse figure that seems to be engaging the dragon. This creature is called a longma in Chinese but is called ryuma ("dragon-horse") in Japanese and symbolizes "wisdom in old age".

The fabric is wool (the soft kind, not scratchy) and the colors are a blue-gray background with an earthtone palette. There are shibori-style splashes as well. Printed.

Sizing for men's vintage kimono is very limited since they were originally made for Japanese men, who typically had slender builds and an average height of 5'7". Taller, slender-to-medium build men will be able to wear these kimono but will find the sleeves ending between elbow and wrist and the hem ending somewhere on the shin.

NOTE: Our kimono do not come with an obi/belt/sash and we rarely are able to carry men's obi. But we do make simple cotton sashes that can be added as an option when you order. We'll choose a color that goes well with it.
Length: 54"
Width: 53"
Body/Hips: 48"
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Material: Wool Blend


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