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"Pinks and Blues" Vintage Haori Himo

"Pinks and Blues" Vintage Haori Himo

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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a pair of haori himo ties as shown.

This is a new, never-worn pair in its original wrapper. White at the loop ends turns to pink which turns to blue at the tassel ends.

We include two of the rounded clasps shown in the last photo to make attaching them to the haori loops easy-peasy-Japaneasy. If you'd like us to pre-tie the himo for you, let us know in the notes section of your order form.

Haori himo are the braided or woven cords that tie together at the front of a traditional haori jacket. They are hooked into the little loops on either side of the front collar that every haori has.

They are typically six to seven inches long and about half an inch wide, but the variety of designs is quite amazing.

Haori himo have many uses even if you don't have a haori jacket: bookmarks, zipper pulls, key chains, and more!

Haori himo - sometimes referred to as kumihimo - are created on a special loom with a macrame or braiding technique - see the video below on how this is done.


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