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"Meisen Houses" Vintage Kimono Yardage

"Meisen Houses" Vintage Kimono Yardage

Ikat Silk

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This listing is for one yard of vintage Japanese kimono fabric.

This patterning was created with the ikat technique, where the threads are dyed before being woven so that the pattern emerges on the loom. When done in the style of this yardage, it is also called meisen. See video below for how this is done.

The remnant features a complicated weave that features a little hut in front of a waterfall, a peaked-roof hut under an autumn-leaf tree, and a set of pine trees (?) set against rounded hilltops. Those elements are framed by abstract shapes in gold, pink, gray and red.  

Look closely to see that the ikat "fuzziness" runs in both directions, meaning that both the warp and weft threads were pre-dyed. Som eof the lighter gray areas seem to have a bit of mottling from age, but the imagery is in excellent condition,

Note that this yardage comes from deconstructed vintage Japanese kimono, so the width is just over 14" but seamlines are likely.  As a vintage fabric, this yardage may have slight blemishes, seamlines, and the like, so it is best for piecework.-------

Length: 36"
Width: 14"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Very Good
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Meisen, Ikat, Kasuri, Woven
Colors: Multi On White
Motifs: Houses, Huts, Scenery, Village


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