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Kosode: Haute Couture Kimono of the Edo Period

Kosode: Haute Couture Kimono of the Edo Period

Matsuzakaya Museum Exhibit

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This listing is for a copy of
Kosode: Haute Couture Kimono of the Edo Period
A catalog from the 2008 Suntory Museum Exhibit

From the exhibit materials:
Clothing to adorn the body has always drawn attention in matters of beauty. During the Edo period (1603-1968), when the kosode (the predecessor the modern kimono) was adopted as the universal garment worn by high and low, male and female, the designs that enhanced its simple construction became the focus of interest, giving birth to a wide variety of decorative patterns.

This exhibition introduces over 300 excellent works shown for the first time in a single spot. It highlights Edo - period kosode, supplemented by other textiles such as Momoyama - period tsujigahana fabrics and Noh costumes, as well as the hinagata pattern books that popularized the kosode designs, plus cosmetic utensils and furniture. The publicizing of this trove, which for seventy years lay guarded in secrecy, allows for a re-assessment of the charm of the kosode as a uniquely Japanese expression and, with good fortune, will provide inspiration for new creations.

The introduction and explanations are in Japanese but each photo is captioned in English.

Publisher: Matsuzakaya Museum, 2008
Paperback: 284
Dimensions: 11.5" x 9"
Condition: Very good - some dicoloration on the cover



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