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"Furisode Fans" Kimono Tapestry

"Furisode Fans" Kimono Tapestry

Formal Kimono Repurposed

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"Furisode Fans" Kimono Tapestry

This kimono tapestry was created from the hem design of a formal furisode kimono. The silk is a speckled jacquard in a sweet pink and the design includes traditional mofits of large folding fans and plum blossoms done with the yuzen technique, satin stitch embroidery on the featured elements in silver, and seigaiha (overlapping waves) done with gold leaf stenciling.

See the videos below for more information on these traditional textile techniques.

We create these tapestries by salvaging the designed hem area of a kimono when other sections of the garment are beyond repair or rescue. We keep the processing simple, retaining the original lining and stitching (usually hand done) and simply finishing off the upper edge to allow a display rod (up to 1.5" diameter) to be inserted across the top.
Click the option above to purchase one of our display rods (as shown in the photo) at a discount.
Length: 26"
Width: 34"
Made In (Estimated): 2010s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Yuzen
Colors: Pink, Gold, Multi
Motifs: Floral


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