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"Casual Brown" Man's Kimono

"Casual Brown" Man's Kimono

Informal but fun

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan

We often get these casual man's silk kimono in dark brown, and this listing is for one of our rotating inventory of them. Each is slightly different - see the close ups for some examples of the different weaves with some slight differences in the fabric.

These will fit a small to medium-sized person, up to 5'8" or so. Taller, slender folks will find them shorter at the hem and wrists but the overlap would work fine.

Unfortunately, you can't choose the exact kimono, but believe us, they're all about the same. All have a dark blue or black lining, all are about the same size (see below). No crests.

NOTE: Our kimono do not come with an obi/belt/sash and we rarely are able to carry men's obi. But we do make simple cotton sashes that can be added as an option when you order. We'll choose a color that goes well but if you have a requested color, please note that on the order form.

Lined? Yes
Length=Ranges from 52"-54"
Wrist-to-Wrist=Ranges from 50"- 52"
Hips/waist (includes overlap)=Ranges from 52"-54"
Condition: Excellent

Length: 52" - 54"
Width: 50" - 52"
Body/Hips: 52" - 54"
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silk


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