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"Indigo Bands" Vintage Kimono

"Indigo Bands" Vintage Kimono

Katazome Underneath

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  • Sourced from Japan

This listing is for a vintage Japanese kimono dyed with indigo.

This is an unlined, summer kimono in a light weight cotton that is slightly sheer (see last photo.)

The cotton was dyed in long sections, going from light to dark in three shades of blue stacked vertically.  Look closely to see a faux shibori pattern in light gray that was likely stenciled (katazome process) onto the cotton before it was dyed.

There is a noticeable blemish on the front right side that could be hidden with the overlap or obi, but if the kimono is displayed from the back, this blemish would not be seen.

If you're going to wear this kimono and need a simple sash, click that option above. 

If you're going to display this kimono and need a sturdy but simple hanging rod, click that option below. (The rod must be shipped separately.)

Length: 59"
Width: 49"
Body/Hips: 43"
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Very Good
Fiber: Cotton
Technique: Dyed, Stencil, Katazome
Colors: Indigo, Blue
Motifs: Geometric, Bands


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