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"Architecture" Vintage Kimono

"Architecture" Vintage Kimono

Amazing Design

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a vintage Japanese kimono with an incredibly unusual pattern. This kimono is an architect's dream.

The entire kimono is covered with large, very detailed buildings that include western-style, mulit-story ones as well as A-frames and traditional thatched roof Japanese country homes. The scale, detail, shading, and the mix of building styles begs so many questions about the Japanese artist who designed it.

The color was hard to capture - a soft olive green with the pattern in soft browns. Much prettier than it may appear in the photos. There is a slight discoloration on the back of the right sleeve - see photo.

We wonder if the buildings are based on actual places or come from the imagination of the artist. In any case, it is a fascinating display piece and we hope it finds a home with a builder or architect who can appreciate all that went into the design.
Length: 60"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 52"
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Very, Very Good Vintage
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Stencil
Colors: Olive Green
Motifs: Scenery


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