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"Woven Sunshine" Japanique Tapestry

"Woven Sunshine" Japanique Tapestry

WideObi Hanging

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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a display piece made from the wide belt portion of a vintage Japanese nagoya-style obi. Nagoya obi are a challenge to display (because a third of it is 13"-14" wide and 2/3rds of it is folded over to half that width to make wrapping the belt portion easier). We separate the wide from the narrow portion and create two display pieces - one wide, one narrow. (Narrow section listed separately.)

This tapestry is a light and airy summery piece, with a light yellow tone-on-tone woven design of overlapping medallions. There's lots of texture, the weaving is fairy stiff which helps it hold its shape when hung.

There is just a very slight blemish area on the backside near the top (see last photo) but it does not detract from the display.

We keep the conversion simple - basically cutting the obi, folding one end over to create a sleeve for a display rod, and stitching that in place. If you need a display rod, choose your color from the options above.
Length: 40"
Width: 12.25"
Condition: Excellent
Technique: Woven
Colors: Yellow
Motifs: Floral


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