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"Three Palms" Haori Tapestry

"Three Palms" Haori Tapestry

Palm Trees in Japan?

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We so rarely see palm trees on kimono or haori! Here are three in black (with while echos of them behind) against a cream colored sky.

In the background, retreating peaks in pretty coral pink sunset. Gold accents on some of the fronds.

A couple of very tiny blemishes, but still quite a display piece!

We create these tapestries by salvaging the back portion of a haori when other sections of the garment are beyond repair or rescue. We keep the processing simple, retaining the original lining and stitching (usually hand done) and simply finishing off the top edge to allow a display rod to be inserted across.

We offer a discount on our obi display rods - $6 off the $36 price - if purchased along with the tapestry.

Length: 21"
Width: 26"
Condition: Excellent
Technique: Stencil, Katagami, Katazome
Colors: Cream, Coral, Black
Motifs: Palm Trees


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