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"Shimmering Grid" Vintage Fukuro Obi

"Shimmering Grid" Vintage Fukuro Obi

Great Color

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This listing is for a fukuro obi in a cool shade of green - almost chartreuse - with a diamond grid pattern in silvery white that covers almost the entire surface. In the center of each diamond is an abstract floral pattern that combines floral and geometric elements to create a very elegant effect.

Also noteable is that, unlike other fukuro obi which have a one-meter "blank" area on the front, this fukuro obi is completely patterned on the front side.

Fukuro obi are a formal and semi-formal style of obi belt suitable for special occasions and should be worn with a formal kimono, though they also make beautiful tapestry displays or runners for table, piano, mantle, or book case.

The obi is approximately 14" wide and 9' long, with patterning on one side only. The backside is a solid color, and the same solid color fabric appears for an approximately one yard section on the front, patterned side. (This "blank" area would be where the first wrap layer of the belt portion occurs - never seen by the public - and would reduce the cost of an already expensive item.) As stated above, this particular obi does not have a blank section on the front!

See the videos below to learn about the different styles of obi as well as ways to use them in your decor. If you're planning to display the obi, consider adding one of our wooden display rods to your order.
Length: 11'
Width: 12"
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Woven, Nishijin
Colors: Green, Silver
Motifs: Floral


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