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Yuzen Graphics 1

Yuzen Graphics 1

Chiso Dye House Collection

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This listing is for a copy of:
Yuzen Graphics 1 - Foliage and Flora Collection
by Chiso Co., Ltd.

From the publisher:
Chiso, the traditional Kyo-yuzen house, possesses of voluminous collection of samples of stencil dye yuzen from Meiji to early Showa eras. This book is a collection and categorization of some of the best and most elaborate designs from that extravagant variety of samples.... Some of the fabrics contained in this book might have stains or blemishes that maybe highly visible on the photo, but we would like to beg for your understanding, considering they survived a long time.

Publisher: Kinmei Printing, 2002
Paperback: 144pages
ISBN: 4766113535
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Condition: Used, excellent



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