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"Single Hawk" Miyamairi Kimono

"Single Hawk" Miyamairi Kimono

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This is a vintage Japanese boy's formal kimono, called a miyamairi. This style of kimono makes a beautiful display and though they are wearable, they are not play clothes and are not likely to survive the play life of an active child! See below for more about how these are worn.

Miyamairi typically have dark bands at the top and hem but this one is a less common design: mostly white with just a band of blue shading at the hem. with a wide, light-colored band across the middle which holds an elaborate design. On the back is a single hawk with embroidered gold accents, including a fully embroidered beak. There are five family crests (oak leaf) in blue. Lighter colored vintage kimono rarely fare well after many decades in storage, and this kimono does show signs of its age in the blemishes and mottling shown in the photos and reflected in the price. Could still make a dramatic display if you don't mind the imperfections.

Miyamairi have two main purposes. First, it is a ceremonial garment draped over an infant boy for his first visit to the shrine with his parents and grandparents to thank the gods for safe delivery of the child and pray for blessings. The kimono is wrapped around the baby and the long silk bands are tied behind the mom or grandmother who holds the baby during the ceremony.

Secondly, miyamairi are worn for the Shichi-Go-San festival, when the boy is five years old and goes again to the shrine to pray for his and his family's good fortune. (See video below on the Shichi-Go-San Festival day for one young family in Japan.).
Material: Silk
Length: 38"
Width: 37" Wrist to Wrist
Condition: Good Vintage
Length: 38"
Width: 37"
Made In (Estimated): 1960s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Stencil, Embroidery
Colors: Black, Cream, Multi
Motifs: Bird, Hawk


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