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Japanese Costume

Japanese Costume

And their artisan creators

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The full title of this book is Japanese Costume and the Makers of Its Elegant Tradition,
By Helen B. Minnich and Shojiro Nomura

From the author's introduction:
"The picture I would like to paint is not just the history of Japanese costume but the panoramic human background against which that history is traced....My desire is to pass on to other Westerners a warmer understanding and appreciation of the history of the Japaese people as it has been woven and dyed in the birght silken fabrics that they have always produced so superlatively and worn so handsomely - and loved so well."

This is a well-researched, illustrated, and inspiring volume - so obviously a labor of love and admiration - which would be a great resource to anyone studying Japanese art or culture, as well as any artisan who seeks a deeper understanding of the Japanese aesthetic.

Comes with the original cardboard box.

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing, 1989
Hardcopy: 374 Pages
ISBN-10: 0804802874
ISBN-13: 9780804802871
Condition: Excellent, though the box shows signs of age



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