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"Ensemble" Man's Kimono

"Ensemble" Man's Kimono

Four Piece Set

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This listing is for a four-piece ensemble of traditional Japanese man's kimono attire. It was worn by a foreign groom, so there are no crests on the kimono or haori, but the silk is quite fine and the size is larger than we usually find, so it would be appropriate for a formal occasion even without the crests.

The set includes:
-A juban (underkimono) in blue silk with a painted scene of Mt. Fuji behind a flowing stream. Note that there are slight discolorations on both sides of the front collar below the shoulder - they are somewhat noticeable but of course not when the juban is worn under the kimono. We will include a sash with the set but it is a light cotton belt, not a traditional underkimono obi.
Length = 55", Waist = 49", Wrist to Wrist = 54"

- A kimono in a crisp dark blue silk. Plain weave, seems solid color from a distance. It is several inches longer and wider than what we usually see with vintage kimono.
Length = 60", Waist = 55", Wrist to Wrist = 60"

- A narrow obi in blue with a geometric woven pattern, solid deep teal on the backside.
Length = 4yds Width = 3.5"

- A matching haori jacket with a tiger and a poem painted on the inside lining. Again, the wrist-to-wrist measurement is several inches longer than usual, which works well for a taller man.
Length = 40", Waist = 48", Wrist to Wrist = 60"

We so rarely get matching kimono and haori! We hope this finds its way to someone who needs a matching kimono and haori set.
See the video below for details on how to traditionally dress in men's kimono.
Made In (Estimated): 1980s
Condition: Excellent
Fiber: Silk
Technique: Woven, Printed
Colors: Blues, Earth Tones
Motifs: Traditional


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