Unique Use for our Hanging Rods - Kyoto Kimono

Unique Use for our Hanging Rods

We received a photo and story about our wooden hanging rods that we wanted to share. Here's the email text, with names removed:

Hi Nancy,
We received the kimono pole yesterday. It was perfect for our project, which you might find as an interesting application of this product. When my wife was diagnosed this October with a recurrence of cancer, she was treated for much of last year. I remembered about the Japanese legend of the 1000 Cranes. At that moment I decided to embark on folding 1000 Origami Cranes. It turned into a family project which we finished at the beginning of December. We were looking for the best way to display the 40 strands of 25 cranes each and by good fortune we found your kimono pole, which was perfect!!! Here is a photo of the display which we were able to complete within a few hours of getting the pole. Thank you for providing a wonderful and critical element of our embodiment of optimism and hope for my wife!....(in a second email) The kimono pole (and the little wooden bird hangers) all arrived on our 57th anniversary of the blind date at which we first met.
We were so happy to hear that our little hanging rod could be part of this inspiring story. We thank this customer for telling us this and wish this family all the best in 2024 and beyond.

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