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"Vintage Fans" Furisode Yardage

"Vintage Fans" Furisode Yardage

Very Vintage

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This listing is a single long sleeve taken from a vintage furisode kimono.

The design is a festive collage of the Three Friends of Winter (bamboo, pine, and plum blossom) as the background.  Featured on each side of the sleeve is a folding fan shape - one containing a bouquet of paper peonies and on the other is a mitsu tomoe (three commas) - a Shinto symbol for the cycle of the universe, surrounded by small flames, which might be associated with the Buddhist reference to wisdom.

The colors are reminiscent of vintage wedding kimono - black with orange, cream, and lots of gold.  There's a touch of olive green as well. Also note the small family crest - three little hollyhocks - on one side of the sleeve.

The lining has been removed because of poor condition. 

Note that the 41" length given is the sleeve length - so when the seams are opened up the final length of the yardage wouldd be 82".

The design was created with the yuzen technique - see the video below for how this is done.

Length: 41"
Width: 12.5"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silk


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