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"Tiny Seigaiha" Kimono Obi Set

"Tiny Seigaiha" Kimono Obi Set

Blue and Orange

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a vintage Japanese kimono and obi combination.

The kimono features a small repeated seigaiha pattern (somes called overlapping waves or coins)in white with orange centers, set against a bright blue background. Lined, silk, excellent condition.

The obi is a modified nagoya style obi. Nagoya obi typically have two-thirds of the length sewn in half to make wrapping it around the waist easier (and lighter to wear), and the final third (bow section) left wide (14in) to accomodate a fancy bow. This modified version is actually 14in wide for almost the entire length, with only the last 12in or so folded into a short, half-width tail.

The obi is a bright orange that really calls out the orange of the obi. The fabric seems to be a heavy cotton with a textured floral pattern. It goes so well with this kimono!


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