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"Stenciled Delight" Vintage Japanese Haori

"Stenciled Delight" Vintage Japanese Haori

Classic Motifs

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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan
This vintage Japanese haori jacket would have been worn on top of a vintage kimono on a chilly day. The retro feel of the patterning suggests it might be from the 1950s or 1960s.

This haori combines classic colors (black, white, red) with traditional Japanese motifs (mums, plum blossoms, arabesque curls, and more). The black and white areas were no doubt created with a katagami stencil - see video below for how these are made and used. The large angled stenciled areas alternate with solid red color to create a banded effect. The red, by the way, is not a true red, but leans more toward a deeper brick color.

No need for a haori himo on this jacket - there are little fabric ties attached at the front.

All of the stitching is hidden (since it was hand-sewn) so technically these haori jackets are reversible. Sometimes the lining is as pretty as the outer jacket!

Going to display this haori? Add one of our display rods (see color options above).
Length: 29"
Width: 49"
Body/Hips: 40"
Condition: Excellent
Material: silk


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