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"Spring Wedding" Vintage Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

"Spring Wedding" Vintage Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

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This listing is for a vintage Japanese wedding kimono (kakeshita - a kimono layer under the uchikake) from The Fuller Collection. See below for details on the provenance of this beautiful garment.

Kakeshita are lighter weight than the uchikake kimono that is worn over top, but they are no less sophisticated and elegant. This kakeshita features a flowing steam curving up from the hem and across the sleeves to the front.

Along the water's edge, bright, richly dyed blue and purple florals pop up among the slender green grasses. And nestled among the foliage are pairs of cranes. Note that the cranes are depicted with their necks straight up in the air - as done in their mating rituals. Usually the cranes we see are in flight or standing at ease.

Another interesting element we find is that cranes - which are symbols of marriage in Japan because they mate for life - are often shown in pairs. And while the cranes on the back are paired, it is a single crane that appears on the front panel, beak pointing upwards to the collar.

We offer sturdy wooden rods for hanging these dazzling displays - see options below.

The Fuller Collection – originally over 2000 kimono – was the passion and pride of Richard Fuller of Chicago, IL and Wabasha, MN. Richard served as a US Marine in post-war Japan, and there began his love of and appreciation for vintage Japanese kimono – especially wedding kimono. Richard saw that the mastery and artisanship of traditional Japanese textile techniques was waning – threatening to die out altogether – which sparked his mission to promote this industry and preserve what he could. Click here to read one of his interviews.

Together with his wife Janith, Richard invested in thousands of kimono and obi, opening Wind Whisper West, a kimono gallery in Wabasha, MN in 2003. Most of the collection was sold there, but several hundred pieces remain. Richard passed in 2020, and Janith has consigned the remainder of the collection to Kyoto Kimono to offer through our website. We are honored and proud to be stewarding the Fuller Collection as each piece finds its new home and continues to bring wonder and beauty to admirers around the world.

Length: 65"
Width: 51"
Body/Hips: 47"
Condition: Excellent


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