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"Silky Smooth" Kimono Obi Set

"Silky Smooth" Kimono Obi Set

Pinks and Purple

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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a vintage Japanese kimono and obi combination.

The kimono features a lively, feminine pattern or tiny overlapping waves (seigaiha in Japanese) thought they resemble fans in this design. And floating along the waves are shibori-style elements in pink and purple. The fabric is synthetic but with a silky feel and sheen. Lined, excellent condition.

The obi is a modified nagoya style obi. Nagoya obi typically have two-thirds of the length sewn in half to make wrapping it around the waist easier (and lighter to wear), and the final third (bow section) left wide (14in) to accomodate a fancy bow. This modified version is actually 14in wide for almost the entire length, but much of that would be folded in half when it is wrapped around the waist, and only the last 12in or so folded into a short, half-width tail.

The obi color is a bright fuschia with pink flowers that goes so well with the kimono. A very youthful combination!


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