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"Royal Purple" Maru Obi

"Royal Purple" Maru Obi


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This listing is for a vintage Japanese maru-style obi, which is the more formal style and is patterned on both sides. (See video below to learn more about the different types of obi.)

This obi is a deep, rich, royal purple color with bright gold patterning with red accents. The design features gold hexagon shapes floating along, sometimes overlapping, and each filled with either paulownia or a stylized butterfly - two crests that may refer to the family of the original owner.

Vintage maru obi tend to be softer colors, so this obi is either more contemporary (1980s or 90s) or it could be older but intended for a young girl to wear with her furisode to a formal even or perhaps to an Adult's Day journey to the temple.

Maru obi are patterned on both sides and are the full 14" width throughout. They are usually the most expensive version of an obi since they are patterned on both sides - even though one side will never be seen by the public. Maru obi are worn for the most formal occasions, such as weddings.

Excellent condition. Silk and within the typical maru obi measurements: approximately 11 feet long in total and 14 inches wide.

See the videos below to learn about the different styles of obi as well as ways to use them in your decor. If you're planning to display the obi, consider adding one of our wooden display rods to your order.


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