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"Red Botan" Vintage Furisode

"Red Botan" Vintage Furisode

Peonies and more

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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a traditional vintage furisode kimono originally created for a young, unmarried woman. Furisode are worn for formal events, such as Seijin-no-hi (Coming of Age Day, sometimes translated as Adults Day) in early January.

This furisode has a white background which really helps the bright green and red colors pop. The design include several large red peonies (botan in Japanese), along with white ones plus mums and other florals. Large green clouds have gold-stenciled designs and you'll find more gold embellishments, including gold couched edging, throughout the kimono.

Large, curved bands seem to form the overlapping wave/coin pattern known as seigaiha in Japanese.

There is some slight blemishing - perhaps a dye bleed? - at the inside edge of the sleeve and some mottled age spots on the collar lining (that do not show through at all) - see last two photos.

Furisode are also worn for weddings, recitals, receptions, and other celebrations calling for formal attire. Note the long sleeves (furi = long, sode = sleeves) sometimes called "butterfly sleeves", which flow with grace when she gestures, attracting male attention!

For more information about wearing a furisode or the techniques used to make kimono like these, see videos below.
Length: 63"
Width: 52" Wrist to Wrist
Body/Hips: 48" Waist/Hips
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Material: Silk


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