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"Rainbow Wave" Kimono Sleeves

"Rainbow Wave" Kimono Sleeves

Brillian Colors

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This listing is for a pair of sleeves taken from a vintage formal kimono.

The rainbow palette is so beautifully colorful, with rich jewel tones layered with soft pastels, and with gold leaf added as a finishing layer of design.

The pattern is of cranes skimming over a river of swirling waters, bordered by rolling ribbons that could be hillsides or more waves....?  The cranes are traditional but the rest of the motif is abstract.

We suspect that some of the design was done with a wax or rice paste resist, which resulted in a mottled - almost bleach-spotted - effect.  The gold accents have tarnished in some places, such that some shaded areas might seem more blemished than they are.

Each sleeve is entact with its red lining. Note that the 23" length measurement is the sleeve length, which would double to 46" if the sleeve seams were to be opened up.

Length: 23"
Width: 13"
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silk


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