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"Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono

"Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono

Delicate Hand Work

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"Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono

This listing is for a traditional vintage furisode kimono originally created for a young, unmarried woman. Furisode are worn for formal events, such as Seijin-no-hi (Coming of Age Day, sometimes translated as Adults Day) in early January. Furisode are also worn for weddings, recitals, receptions, and other celebrations calling for formal attire. Note the long sleeves (furi = long, sode = sleeves) sometimes called "butterfly sleeves", which flow with grace when she gestures, attracting male attention!

This furisode features a dazzling pattern of large peonies over the entire kimono - quite unusual for this type of kimono. The florals are beautifully shaded in coral and purple against a magenta silk with a lightning jacquard. The flower centers are embellished by hand with a tiny brush, and the gray leaves are also hand-shaded and lovely.

For more information about wearing a furisode or the techniques to make this kimono, see videos below.

Slight, light blemishing at the shoulders, see photo.

Length: 63" (40" Sleeve Length)
Width: 53" Wrist to Wrist
Body/Hips: 56" Waist/Hips
Condition: Very Good Vintage
Material: Silk


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