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"Morning Glories" Vintage Girl's Yukata

"Morning Glories" Vintage Girl's Yukata

Summer Kimono

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a girl's summer cotton kimono, called a yukata. Yukata are worn for summer festivals but also make easy-to-care-for robes since they are unlined and cotton, so easily washed.

This yukata is white with a pattern of morning glory blossoms in purple and orange (two very auspicious colors in Japan!).

White cotton ties are sewn to the top front of the kimono to help with wrapping it around the child. You'll also find a 6" tuck at the waist and a 2" tuck at each shoulder that can be let out to fit a larger girl. (This is how the Japanese traditionally alter a kimono rather than cutting it down.)
Length: 42"
Width: 40"
Body/Hips: 36"
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Material: Cotton


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