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"Misty Forest" Japanique Jacket

"Misty Forest" Japanique Jacket


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  • Ships from New York
  • In-house Design
  • Sourced from Japan

This listing is for a Japanique Jacket – slightly modified from a vintage kimono jacket (michiyuki) to create a roomier, casual fashion piece that suits sizes 10-16 very well. (See modification details below.)

This Japanique Jacket has several layers of patterning. See the "full back" photo to realize there's an overall fishnet (or diagonal grid) pattern over the entire jacket, which is just not evident when the jacket is draped. In the weave is a series of pine-covered hills, with shimmering pink accents in the trees. The background color is almost cornflower but with a rosey tint.

There's a hidden pocket on the right side of the front panel, just under the lapel. Sumie-style florals on the white lining.

ach Japanique Jacket starts out as a vintage michiyuki, which is a narrow jacket with a deep, square neckline and snap closures, meant to be worn on top of a kimono. Most vintage michiyuki won't fit larger frames, so we modified the traditional garment slightly by removing the snaps and tacking the panels back to create lapels). The result is an open, flowing jacket that can fit sizes 10-16. Japanique Jackets can also be crossed over and belted on a smaller sized person. These are all one-of-a-kind jackets, so sizing will vary slightly, see measurements given.

Length: 32"
Width: 50"
Body/Hips: 45"
Condition: Excellent Vintage
Material: Silk


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