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"Pale Mint" Iromuji Kimono

"Pale Mint" Iromuji Kimono

Hitoe - Unlined

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This style of kimono, called iromuji in Japanese, is typical of what would be worn by a practitioner of chado – traditional Japanese tea ceremony. More about iromuji below.

This kimono is unlined, making is a hitoe style - traditionally worn in Spring and early Fall. The color is a very pale mint green and the woven design crestes a slightly raised texture to the patterning.  The woven cloud-like motif covers the entire kimono, and inside the clouds are partial chrisanthemums.

A single family crest - wisteria - was embroidered at the neck.

If you're going to wear this casually, you could add one of our simple cotton sashes (see option above).

If you're planning to display this, consider adding one of our wooden hanging rods (see option below description).

Aside from being in tune with the season and the age/status of the wearer, iromuji kimono are usually single color, tone-on-tone jacquard weaves. There is sometimes a subtle variation in the dye work which adds to the understated elegance. There might be a single crest at the back of the neck, very small woven design, or very subtle shading, and would be worn with an obi of muted colors or design. The importance of the single color and understated elegance is in keeping with the solemn celebration of the tea ceremony itself. The host/hostess wears a kimono that does not call attention to his or herself, so as to not detract from the ceremony.

Length: 58in
Width: 51in
Body/Hips: 44in
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silk
Technique: Woven Textured Pattern


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