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"Rose Man" Man's Kimono Jacket

"Rose Man" Man's Kimono Jacket

Cherry Blossom Crest

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  • Sourced from Japan

This is a vintage kimono jacket, made for a man. We are calling it a haori but it's more of a dochugi style since it does cross over.  We've just never seen one made for a man (with the sleeves attached to the bodice under the arm).

This is a contemporary, colorful kimono jacket for a man, likely made for a performance since the rose pink color is quite unusual for a Japanese man. The fabric is synthetic crepe - easy care and light weight and it is unlined. There is a short split at the bottom of each side hem and a stiff gold undercollar sewn underneath the pink collar to suggest a layered look.

There are five sakura ("cherry blossom" - note the pinked petals) family crests, but they are coated paper "stickers" that have been ironed on the jacket to add formality. But we suspect that these are not meant to represent a family but instead - perhaps - to indicate the occasion (a cherry blossom festival or party?).

The dochugi jacket style features inner and outer ties as closures, which allow for a roomier fit by adjusting the ties loosely or tightly.

Length: 36"
Width: 49
Body/Hips: 46" (edge-to-edge, includes overlap)
Made In (Estimated): 1980s
Condition: Excellent
Material: Synthetic


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