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"Indigo Fun - 9 pieces" Vintage Lining Yardage

"Indigo Fun - 9 pieces" Vintage Lining Yardage

Upcycled Linings

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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a set of 9 pieces of vintage Japanese kimono lining that have been overdyed with indigo. Most are silk but some silky synthetics are possible.

Each piece was dyed in the same indigo bath but because of the fiber and original colors (which varied from white to cream) the end result is a range of blues. We used freeze-dried indigo crystals, made from natural indigo vats in India.

We experimented with shibori techniques on some pieces, but most will be a simple over-dye. Some pieces will have a woven jacquard design that really popped out after dyeing.

The bundle includes 9 pieces, each is between 9" to 12" wide and 21" long. Most are silk and some silky synthetics are possible. We made several of these bundles so the photos are examples to show the variety you will get, but your bundle will be different.

Each piece was washed after dyeing. These are vintage lining pieces, so expect some blemishes, seam lines, uneven edges, etc. These bundles are great as linings or for piecework - great scarf weight.



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